Dodgers @ Cardinals July 14, 2022: Somehow, a chance at a series win

We’re (ok, I more than anything) already on the All-Star break here at the site, so here’s your very brief game thread just as the first pitch is going to be thrown.

Sitting at 57-30, the Dodgers are on a 106-win pace with just three games left before the All-Star Break. That includes an 8.5-game lead on the Padres and a 3-game lead on the Mets for the top spot in the National League. I’d go into more detail, but then this would probably be up after the game started.


In the ever changing left field spot, Jake Lamb is in the lineup today with just about everyone else you’d expect.

And for the Cardinals:


Well, that doesn’t seem great.

That’s at least some kind of good news?

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