Dodgers celebrate reclaiming the NL West title in 2022, and where better than Arizona?

The Dodgers clinched their ninth NL West title in 10 years last night, hilariously barely into mid-September, and they celebrated it as usual.


While the Dodgers said before the game they would not go into the pool, apparently the Diamondbacks were intent on making sure that was the case yet again.

Hey, at least it’s not horses this time.

The celebration kicked off with a Dave Roberts speech into a Clayton Kershaw “speech”.

It’s hilarious that it’s the case but very appropriate that Hanser Alberto bookends the official account’s celebration compilation.

Speaking of emotion, here’s Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts being interviewed together and speaking on the bond they’ve established.

But most of it was just fun, like Justin Turner continuing to bust David Vassegh‘s balls, as if he can afford to take anymore damage.

Guess who was shirtless.

Tyler Anderson has a fallen brother’s back.

Craig Kimbrel is letting it go by ice skating on champagne.

While Kirsten Watson looked relatively on guard the whole time, it was Yency Almonte who got her, all with a shit-eating grin on his face. Legend.

Picture time!

They all understand they’re not done, but that you have to celebrate when you can in baseball, and in life, really.

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