Anderson heads to Angels, Trea rejects qualifying offer; Dodgers protect Cartaya, Busch, Pages, DeLuca

Today was the deadline for the qualifying offer decisions and Rule 5 Draft protections, which led to a rather busy day for the Dodgers involving Tyler Anderson, Trea Turner, Diego Cartaya, Michael Busch, Andy Pages, and Jonny DeLuca. Additionally, there was some not-so-great news on the injury front with Blake Treinen.


The day started with qualifying offer decisions.

Trea Turner declined as expected due to being one of the most sought after free agents of the off-season, while Tyler Anderson basically took the first three-year deal offered to him and got $39 million from the Angels.

I would’ve loved to have him back on any reasonable contract, and I get why the Dodgers didn’t opt to match that, but it does almost necessitate that they add an outside arm now.


As for the Rule 5 Draft protections, the Dodgers added just four players, bringing their 40-man roster up to 37 plus that one guy looming over their heads.

While I thought there might be more, back at the start of the month Dustin had suggested they protect exactly who they ended up with. As he said, Cartaya, Pages, and Busch were all locks as they are candidates to play in the majors soon, but DeLuca was the intriguing pick.

DeLuca is an interesting cat. He’s one of the best power-speed prospects the Dodgers have and gives off AJ Pollock vibes. He’ll probably never be that good at the MLB level, but he has a chance to be a solid contributor. And with the Dodgers adding lower-level guys like Leonard and Vivas last year, it wouldn’t be completely shocking to see them add Ramos, who is a lighter version of Pages.

Possible other additions would’ve been Jose Ramos and Carlos Duran.

Perhaps they just want as much flexibility as possible for (hopefully) the moves to come.


In other news, it seems like Blake Treinen will be out for 2023 after shoulder surgery to repair his labrum and rotator cuff.

Treinen was limited to just six innings last year, including the postseason.

When the Dodgers guaranteed his 2023 option in May of last year, it seemed to be with an eye on him getting the surgery, as Andrew Friedman later admitted he would’ve advised. However, now it looks like Treinen’s out for at least 2023, and while they have a conditional option on him for 2024 at a cheap cost, I can’t imagine the odds are great that a 37-year-old will bounceback well from an injury that serious.


The next big date comes on November 18, as Friday will be the non-tender deadline and Cody Bellinger‘s decision looms.

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