[Update] Gavin Lux carted off due to ACL tear in right knee after stumbling while running the bases

The Dodgers suffered their first blow of Spring Training today, and it’s a major one as starting shortstop Gavin Lux was carted off with what looked like a serious knee and/or ankle injury in the top of the 6th inning.

The injury occurred on a routine grounder by Luke Williams to third with Lux as the runner at second. He ducked to avoid getting hit by a throw, seemed to lose his balance and took an awkward step that left his right leg bent at an awkward angle. Afterward he was seen clutching his leg in pain and not putting any weight on it as he was carted off the field.


Needless to say this could be a major problem for the Dodgers as their shortstop depth is now down to Miguel Rojas (who was also depth at third and second), Chris Taylor (who might have to start in center or left and was depth at second and third), and Yonny Hernandez, and that’s basically it due to the org having little to no minor-league depth at the position.

Of course, there will be plenty of time to analyze the baseball side of things after we know for sure what the deal is with the injury, and for now all you can hope for is that it wasn’t as bad as it looked for Gavin.

Regardless, not gonna lie, this just really sucks. Lux is a player that I was looking forward to watching this year, and it’s just a rather depressing start to things after so much of the off-season was predicated on the team hoping guys like Lux came into their own in 2023.



Lux tore his right ACL and has damage to the LCL as well. He’s expected to miss the season.



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