5 Dodgers are headed to the All-Star Game, including one Will Smith (finally)

While the starters for the 2023 MLB All-Star Game were named a few days ago, and the Dodgers already had Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman , and J.D. Martinez going to the game, the question was whether more would be named when the reserves were revealed. Thankfully, there were indeed two more revealed hours ago in Clayton Kershaw and Will Smith.


Despite the Dodgers having somewhat of an off year for them, it’s surprisingly hard to argue with the three starters. Freddie leads all NL first baseman in wRC+ (152) and WAR (3.3), and Mookie is second to Ronald Acuna Jr. in the NL in just about everything and there’s three outfield spots. The most controversial pick is probably J.D., who has a 129 wRC+ despite the 19 homers due to not walking much, and he is slightly behind qualified primary DHs Jorge Soler (134) and Andrew McCutchen (132). Still, that’s close enough where one game could change the rankings at this point.

The reserves have deserved their spots as well, as Dills is second to Sean Murphy‘s breakout season in just about everything, and has been the arguably the best catcher in baseball since he was called up. Pitching is a bit more controversial because, well, it always is, isn’t it? But regardless, there are eight starting pitchers, and Kershaw is tied for 6th in WAR, 3rd in ERA, 5th in xERA, and tied for 7th in DRA, so it’s hard to argue against him too.

So those are the five, so far at least. We know guys are going to drop out (Kershaw should be one of them), so there could be more coming.


As far as other All-Star Game festivities, Mookie will be participating in the 2023 Home Run Derby, so there’s that to look forward to.

The goal? Don’t come in last.

Relatable expectations.

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