Dodgers acquire Enrique Hernandez (and hopefully the power of friendship) for Nick Robertson & Justin Hagenman

The Dodgers have acquired old friend Super UTIL Enrique Hernandez from the Red Sox for a RHP Nick Robertson and RHP Justin Hagenman.

While we have been working on other right-handed hitters in our Trade Deadline series, the Dodgers have seemingly found another option in Enrique Hernandez.

It’s admittedly a bit of an odd choice as he’s having a horrible year, putting up a .222/.279/.320/.599 line at the plate and also struggling horrifically at shortstop (-6/DRA/-4 UZR/-9 RAA) while being pretty average elsewhere. He’s running about a career average BABIP, so it’s not bad luck, in fact his xwOBA of .248 is even lower than his actual of .266, so the contact isn’t quality either.

The hope surely has to be that the change of scenery and move off being a primary shortstop will rejuvenate him and get him back to his career line against left-handed pitching of .259/.346/.465/.811, because as is the Dodgers are trading for a below replacement level player.


Considering that the Red Sox are likely improving in 2023 by subtraction, that the Dodgers are giving up anything of value is somewhat surprising.

Robertson, 25, has struggled to a 6.10 ERA/5.60 xERA/4.18 DRA in 10.1 innings with the team, but put up a 2.54 ERA in 28.1 innings at AAA and struck out 42 batters to just nine walks.

Hagenman, 26, is another reliever with impressive numbers, putting up a 2.78 ERA in 55 AAA innings, striking out 60 against 11 walks. He’s also begun to take on a bulk role of late, basically maintaining his performance over multiple innings as well.


Neither player the Dodgers dealt made the Top 55 Prospects around these parts, but it’s relief depth for a team struggling to find relievers. That said, it’s hard to see sending away middle relief prospects truly coming back to bite the Dodgers unless they transform into something different with the Red Sox, so the trade seems mostly neutral even if Enrique’s return is nothing more than putting faith in the power of friendship. Maybe it’ll work?

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