Julio Urias reportedly arrested on felony domestic violence charges

Dodger pitcher Julio Urias was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge on Sunday night, per ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

This marks the second time Urias has been arrested on domestic violence suspicions. He was arrested in May 2019 after allegedly pushing a woman to the ground in a parking lot. He was not charged with a crime, but was suspended 20 games and underwent a 52-week domestic violence counseling program.

Urias was on the list of celebrities scheduled to attend the LAFC/Inter Miami soccer game last night, which is where the incident is said to have taken place. Per Passan, he was arrested at 11:00 PM and released on bond at 4:47 AM. He’ll have a court date September 27.


No player has ever been suspended twice under the domestic violence policy. He’ll likely be placed on administrative leave shortly as MLB conducts an investigation. Dodger fans should be all too familiar with this process, as it’s how things played out with Trevor Bauer.

The Dodgers issued a statement saying Urias would not be traveling with the team on their road trip to Miami and Washington.

When Urias is placed on administrative leave, he’ll be off the 28-man and 40-man rosters. He likely will remain on leave for a while, as the players’ union would not be all too happy about a DFA and release. It would be a shock if Urias pitched again this season. Urias is an upcoming free agent, so it’s decently likely he’s thrown his last pitch as a Dodger.


This pretty much sums it up.

While Urias has likely thrown his last pitch as a Dodger, in a better world, he’d have thrown his last pitch in the Majors. Many Dodger fans were quick to defend Urias after his previous arrest. The details around the incident were a bit murkier, and he seemed like a man that wanted to change following that arrest. Clearly, he didn’t. Clearly the Dodgers didn’t either, as following that arrest they still gave Bauer (who while he hadn’t been arrested previously, had a long history of controversial interactions with women) the largest AAV in baseball history at that point. The tiny little idealist in me hopes Urias is done and that the Dodgers would have done the right thing anyways. The cynic in me knows that Urias will likely get another shot elsewhere, and that the Dodgers probably would have continued supporting him if his ERA started with a 3 this season.

Urias was in line to sign a lucrative contract in the offseason, even despite his struggles on the mound this season. Literally all he had to do was not be a complete piece of shit for like three more months.


The National Domestic Violence hotline is 800-799-7233.

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