Braves @ Dodgers – May 5, 2024: Going for a sweep with James Paxton on the mound and no relief

James Paxton against the Braves seems like a blowout loss waiting to happen, but hey, baseball!

It’s apparently a routine day off for Max Muncy that happens to come against a lefty, but in general, I think they need to play him against lefties more just to find out if his 2023 performance against them was a fluke or not. The platoon stuff to get certain players going isn’t a bigger priority.


The Dodgers don’t have much the way of back-end pen arms left with Daniel Hudson struggling, as now Evan Phillips has gone down with an injury. Blake Treinen is back, but nobody knows how he’s gonna look after such a long time off.

Connor Brogdon has finished regenerating in the lab and will be throwing, so maybe he could help later.


Going for a sweep!

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