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2014 Dodgers Top Prospects

Introduction & Eligibility Requirements (Dustin | Chad)


2014 Dodgers Top 50 Prospects

Dustin Nosler

Rank Name Position
1 Corey Seager SS/3B
2 Joc Pederson CF
3 Zach Lee RHP
4 Julio Urias LHP
5 Alex Guerrero 2B/SS
6 Ross Stripling RHP
7 Chris Anderson RHP
8 Chris Reed LHP
9 Onelki Garcia LHP
10 Matt Magill RHP
11 Tom Windle LHP
12 Jose Dominguez RHP
13 Scott Schebler RF/LF
14 Jacob Scavuzzo OF
15 Alex Santana OF/3B
16 Yimi Garcia RHP
17 Cody Bellinger 1B
18 Duke Von Schamann RHP
19 Victor Gonzalez LHP
20 Zachary Bird RHP
21 Jesmuel Valentin SS/2B
22 Joey Curletta RF
23 Justin Chigbogu 1B
24 Noel Cuevas CF/LF
25 Darnell Sweeney 2B/SS
26 Scott Griggs RHP
27 Jharel Cotton RHP
28 Carlos Frias RHP
29 Michael Medina LF/RF
30 Lucas Tirado SS
31 O’Koyea Dickson 1B
32 Scott Barlow RHP
33 Victor Arano RHP
34 Jeremy Rathjen OF
35 Jonathan Martinez RHP
36 Cristian Gomez SS
37 Jon Garcia RF
38 Lindsey Caughel RHP
39 Bryan Munoz RHP
40 Andres Santiago RHP
41 Garrett Gould RHP
42 Spencer Navin C
43 Ralston Cash RHP
44 Brandon Trinkwon SS/2B
45 James Baldwin CF
46 Jarret Martin LHP
47 Pedro Baez RHP
48 J.D. Underwood RHP
49 Jairo Pacheco LHP
50 Pratt Maynard C

2014 Dodgers Top 25 Prospects

Chad Moriyama

Rank Name Position
1 Julio Urias SP
2 Corey Seager SS
3 Joc Pederson CF
4 Zach Lee SP
5 Chris Anderson SP
6 Alex Guerrero 2B
7 Tom Windle SP
8 Onelki Garcia RP
9 Ross Stripling SP
10 Jose Dominguez RP
11 Chris Reed RP
12 Yimi Garcia RP
13 Jacob Scavuzzo LF
14 Victor Gonzalez SP
15 Cody Bellinger 1B
16 Victor Arano SP
17 Zachary Bird SP
18 Matt Magill SP
19 Pedro Baez RP
20 Joey Curletta RF
21 Alex Santana 3B
22 Scott Schebler LF
23 Jesmuel Valentin SS
24 Noel Cuevas CF
25 Ibandel Isabel LF


2014 Dodgers Prospects Scouting Reports

Dustin Nosler

No. 1-10
No. 11-20
No. 21-30
No. 31-40
No. 41-50

Chris Anderson – April
Tom Windle – May
Julio Urias – May
Corey Seager – July


Chad Moriyama

Down On The Farm


2014 Dodgers Prospects Features

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Midseason Top 25 Prospects Update


2014 Dodgers Prospects System Grades

Dustin Nosler

Impact Potential: A-

The system is led by three legitimate Top 50 prospects in Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, and Julio Urias. They’re backed up by Chris Anderson, Alex Guerrero, Zach Lee, and Ross Stripling.

Depth: C+

As usual, the Dodgers are deep at right-handed pitcher and outfield. However, the lack of quality depth at third base and catcher is disturbing. Seager will eventually make the move, but he’s still a shortstop — a position that’s a little deeper than expected, but those prospects come mostly from the lower minors.

Overall: B-/B

The Dodgers’ farm system continues to improve, despite graduations, and is more top-heavy than it has been in awhile. The system still isn’t what it was in the mid-2000s, but there’s some really, really good talent here.


Chad Moriyama

Impact Potential: B+

The Dodgers have a top-heavy system with three true potential impact players in Julio Urias, Corey Seager, and Joc Pederson. Chris Anderson slots in a smidge behind the trio because of a lack of experience, but he could be ranked in the same caliber with a solid 2014.

Behind them in the MLB impact category are Zach Lee and Alexander Guerrero, who both project as solid regulars. Tom Windle could get to that level of expectation with a solid 2014, as it’s mainly inexperience holding him back. Ross Stripling would also be close to a sure thing as a regular, but now he needs to bounce-back from season-ending surgery. Finally, lurking in the background are a quintet of potential major-league quality relievers (Onelki Garcia, Jose Dominguez, Chris Reed, Yimi Garcia, Pedro Baez) who figure to be in contention for bullpen roles at some point.

Overall, it’s a top 10 system with the potential to be even better a year from now.

Depth: C

The system has a ton of pitching depth, whether it’s starters or relievers. But the Dodgers lack quality position players almost across the board. While a top-heavy system isn’t a bad thing, it does usually imply a lack of depth, and the Dodgers don’t buck the trend. Aside from the half dozen or so top prospects, the farm is packed with projected relievers, utility infielders, and backup outfielders, along with either extremely inexperienced or raw prospects.

There’s not many advanced prospects in the system, so there’s really only eight or nine players I can realistically project as MLB contributors at the moment, and about half of those are relievers.

I wish I could say differently, but the system depth for the Dodgers is in the 15-20 range, and they’re probably closer to the bottom of it than the top. Whether this grade improves or not in 2014 depends on how the many raw but talented prospects in the lower levels progress.

Overall: B-

There’s a lot of reason for optimism here, as the Dodgers have a system on the rise. There’s a bunch of young talent, both at the top and at the bottom of the top 25, and with the re-emphasis on scouting, draft spending, and international signings, the amount of quality prospects in the system keeps increasing when compared to previous years.

Only a few graduations are expected in 2014, so the system grade could potentially shoot up with solid years from the top prospects and a handful of young guys stepping up. Of course, the system lacks depth for now, and does come with a lot of risk due to the amount of youth and inexperience, so the Dodgers end up falling somewhere in the 10-15 range.