No Dodger Baseball Today Or Maybe Ever

Not unexpected in the least:

I mean, this is what the forecast in Minnesota is:


So if anything, good on the Twins for getting this called early and not forcing fans to show up in the cold for a game that was likely never going to happen.

Here’s the problem, though: tomorrow isn’t much better, with an 80 percent chance of rain and a high of 37 at night, so basically the same as today. Then on Thursday, it’s a 70 percent chance of rain and a high of 45.

So, very tentatively, and assuming every starter just gets pushed back a day, this is what this series is:

Wednesday, 5:10pm PT: Zack Greinke vs Kyle Gibson
Thursday, 10am & 4pm PT: Dan Haren & Josh Beckett vs Mike Pelfrey & Ricky Nolasco

And, of course, the Dodgers have a game in Miami on Friday night, so this already ruins their travel day, because the originally scheduled game on Thursday was 1pm ET / 10pm PT. Now, they have to pray that they can get at least two of these games in. If not, we could be in for some hilarious one-day trips to Minnesota on days off later in the season.

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