Hyun-Jin Ryu Has A Theme Song Now


One thing that I love about Hyun-jin Ryu being with the Dodgers (other than his pitching, of course) is the way his home country supports him. Over the offseason we had some amusing commercials starring Ryu. Fans and media will travel to see Ryu pitch.

Now, via the great MyKBO, we have this, Ryu’s very own theme song:

The song is called “Ryu Can Do It.” You can find lyrics for the song here. Here’s the best part, in my opinion:

Boom Boom tap Boom Boom tap
Call me freak call me Mr. Monster
Right I cruise around non-stop
I don’t take a break I break bricks
What’s the M-O-N-S-T-E-R
Nothing’s easy I must go wild
No exit dummy learn the lesson
Don’t let you hate yourself in the mirror

I don’t take a break I break bricks.

The song doesn’t refer to Ryu by name, but it does mention his nickname “Monster.” It is by the band CNBlue and was modified from their song One Time, per the site AllKPop.com. The song’s melody is based on a Korean folk song. AllKPop states that the song will be played during home games at Dodger Stadium, so we’ll be hearing a lot of this song in the future.

Hopefully the Dodgers will ask Yasiel Puig for his opinion, but in the meantime we’ll have to settle for this:

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