Padres 6, Dodgers 3: Dan Depression

Dan Haren continued his slow and painful demise back to replacement level against one of the worst offensive units in the history of forever, giving up four runs on six hits (one homer) and two walks. Haren’s ERA now stands at 4.23, which is remarkably close to his 4.43 FIP, and his WAR has crept back down to 0 (while his FB velocity is down 1.5 mph). But hey, I was just the overly negative asshole who wondered why people were so hyped about signing a guy coming off seasons of a 4.33/4.67 ERA and 4.24/4.09 FIP with different teams.

Speaking of regression, Jamey Wright allowed two runs on a walk and two hits to raise his ERA to 3.50, which is close to his 3.65 FIP. But he was signed as the last man out of the pen, not the guy meant to put out fires, so that’s not a problem, really.

Meanwhile, Drew Butera is a defensive specialist that throws out 32% of baserunners and is second in the MLB in passed balls. Additionally, given the two “wild pitches” he missed today (which led to two additional runs), I don’t expect his blocking numbers to be special.

Boy, this recap is depressing so far, huh?


Kenley Jansen and J.P. Howell predictably pitched scoreless innings (Jansen gave up two balls in play that didn’t roll for singles!), but Chris Perez also chipped in with a scoreless frame.


-There always seems to be this trend to go for a defensive lineup because “derp defense and pitching and championships derp”, but then when guys with .219/.269/.274 and .207/.285/.306 lines don’t come through, the offense SUCKS! I’m just saying I find it hilarious because I remember the Cesar Izturis/Alex Cora days clearly, and nobody was happy then.

Yasiel Puig went 2-for-3 with a walk, double, and an assist. And probably one of the dumbest baserunning mistakes he’s made yet, which was tagging on a fly ball to left then stopping halfway. So … Puig.


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