Padres 4, Dodgers 1: The Dog Days Of August

This game was pretty bad, and I’m annoyed at everyone that I actually stayed up to watch it. Roberto Hernandez pitched basically how you’d expect a fungible starter to pitch, which is to say, he lasted only five innings, allowing 10 baserunners and four runs (three earned).

Here’s why that run was unearned, thanks to Scott Van Slyke, but mostly thanks to Brim for the GIF:

I don’t even want to give this a serious recap. Here’s Darwin Barney doing his best to get hit by a throw that would instead double him off first:

The good news, I guess, is that Pedro Baez (two), Brian Wilson (one) and Carlos Frias (one) threw effective relief, but man did this offense never seem to wake up against Eric Stults and friends. The Dodgers collected only six hits — two by Van Slyke, attempting to atone for his error — and really only seriously threatened in the eighth, bringing up Matt Kemp as the tying run. He flew out. It hardly seemed to matter.

Since the Giants pounded the Cubs, the lead is only three games — one (!!!) in the loss column — and San Francisco has a chance to take two tomorrow. This… it’s not great.

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