Your ‘Dodgers Win The NL West’ celebratory GIF post for 2014

So the Dodgers won last night to clinch the NL West title, and while you probably want the celebration stuff, let’s first go through how the Dodgers won to begin with, shall we?

Clayton Kershaw is good at the pitching.

Clayton Kershaw is good at the hitting.

Clayton Kershaw is good at the fielding.

Clayton Kershaw is the MVP.

But the game was still tied when Yasiel Puig did this…

…and enjoyed it…

Then he did this:

Dee Gordon recognized the gun…

…and Yasiel Puig gave it back to him.

Later in the game, Giants reliever Erik Cordier drilled Carl Crawford. Crawford stared him down for it, but Cordier just asked for another ball, avoided eye contact, and somehow managed not to scream “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” at CC, so nothing escalated.

Weird how that works, huh?

Amusingly enough, Brian Wilson closed out the Giants…

…leading to fireworks.

Boy oh boy, that’s swell.

Shoutout to all those I missed, including Dodgers fans who managed to be exponentially more pessimistic than me and declared the season over in like April. Props.

In the immortal words of Adrian Gonzalez, “Numb nuts.


Now the aftermath/celebration has arrived.

On the field, Hyun Jin Ryu and Yasiel Puig teamed up to surprise attack Juan Uribe.

Down in the clubhouse, reporting hero Alanna Rizzo braved getting doused during almost every interview, including this hood one.

Adrian Gonzalez sprayed Ned Colletti from … a low angle.

Juan Uribe’s kid was gettin’ loose in the clubhouse.

That guy in the background is nuts, who is that?


Yasiel Puig throwing ice and yelling “TIMEOUT! TIMEOUT!” Why? I dunno.

Yasiel Puig opening two beer bottles with his mouth and then going nuts.


Hey guys, that sort of looks like moonshine…


…oh it IS moonshine.


All of this is fun and games until Jamey Wright‘s kid starts to become Yasiel Puig.

Finally, Hanley Ramirez promises there’s more to come.

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