One Whole Year Of Dodgers Digest

So… hey. Thanks for being here. Thanks for still being here. A year ago today, Chad and Daniel and Dustin and I officially teamed up to start up Dodgers Digest rather than continue to go it all alone, and one site re-design and literally more than a million comments later, things are going pretty well.

So far, we’ve come at you with 983 posts (including this one), though only the 167 by Brim were any good. (Remaining breakdown: 430 by me, 228 from Dustin, 143 from Chad, of which 142 had GIFs, probably.) Nearly seven million page views have read those posts, which, thanks, and which I presume means that more of you consumed Dodger baseball here than you did through SNLA.

Or, you know, as resident GIF expert The Conman put it:

I shouldn’t make fun of GIFs, though. Our single most-read post of the entire year came in April, when Brim pointed out just how insane a 100 mph cutter from Kenley Jansen really was:

Kenley Jansen did something very notable last night. The accomplishment occurred on this cutter, which struck out Mark Trumbo:

GIF Link

Per Brooks Baseball, the cutter was thrown at 100.1MPH, the fastest pitch of Jansen’s career.

We’ve had visits from 185 countries, including Togo, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and French Guiana. Hi, spambots! (Probably.) In America, we saw traffic from all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. Exactly 0.05% of total traffic came from North Dakota. Step it up, North Dakota. 0.04% of you poor bastards rolled up in here with IE6, which I can’t imagine wh–… wait a minute. Three visits from IE5? How? Why? Did you forget how to internet? One of you nerds actually tried to visit us with this, and, well, thanks for going back to 2002 and then checking out future baseball. Shawn Green is totally going to be good forever. Promise.

And then there’s the comments, of which we have somewhere around 1,200,000 right now, most of which came from anthropomorphic beverages and farm animals. You’re all the best. You’re all also the worst. (Except for “ABsmilebunch,” who is the best because he routinely maintains our daily bullpen chart, though he’s been slacking on that since October.)

Thanks for reading. Thanks for putting up with us. Let’s all do better in 2015.

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