Four Dodgers Make Keith Law’s Top 100 List

It’s prospect ranking season, and that’s good, because the Dodgers have some prospects. (Dustin’s organizational countdown will continue with 30-21, coming later this morning.) Among my favorite prospect writers is ESPN’s Keith Law, who put out his Top 100 prospects today.

If you want to read the full writeups, you can pay for Insider. (I’m biased here. Obviously.) But we can at least talk about how four different Dodgers made the list, including two in the top nine:

5 — Corey Seager
9 — Julio Urias
28 — Joc Pederson
79 — Grant Holmes

It’s exciting, isn’t it, to see Holmes make the list. (And remember the days when Zach Lee would be on the back-end of this thing? Sigh.) It’s exciting as well to see just how highly-regarded Seager and Urias are, both potential superstars, both possibly in Los Angeles in the next two seasons.

The Cubs were the only other team to have two prospects in the top nine, and that makes sense, since they were the top-ranked farm system overall in Law’s recent list. The Dodgers ranked 10th, for reasons that seem pretty fair: the top 3 or 4 match just about anyone’s, but it drops off pretty steeply after that.

Obviously, this franchise has money. They have major league talent. They have front office brainpower. But they’ve also got some incredibly valuable prospects coming up, as well. When you remember being disappointed that they couldn’t go get David Price or Jon Lester or someone like them last year, well, this is why. You want these guys. You want them for a long time to come.

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