2014 Dodgers In Review: Professional Pitcher Paul Maholm

MLB 30 70.2 10.9% 9.0% 4.84 4.96 4.57 -0.9

What Happened In 2014: At the time of his signing, Paul Maholm was hailed as the bargain of the off-season after the Dodgers picked him up on a 1-year, $1.5 million deal with $5 million in incentives. There was “zero downside” to it, unless of course, one considered a roster spot and an unwillingness to cut bait on a sunk cost a downside, which was especially relevant for a pitcher coming off a 4.41 ERA/4.24 FIP season.

Maholm worked out about as well as expected as a starter, posting a 4.74 ERA and 6.04 FIP, and he continued to get starts until the end of May because maybe MLB hitters would’ve stopped smacking around an 85 mph fastball at some point. Maholm was then moved to the pen, where he posted improved peripherals in his 3.21 FIP (mostly due to not giving up any homers though), but still had a 5.00 ERA.

In August, a torn ACL ended the lefty’s season, which left him solidly below replacement level at almost a negative win. There’s always potential downside.

2015 Status: Paul Maholm will be rehabbing said torn ACL, after which he’ll be in search of a job.

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