Padres 3, Dodgers 1: Like You’re Surprised They Lost The Scott Baker Game

If I had said to you this morning that fill-in starter Scott Baker would throw seven solid innings, and that the legend of Alex Guerrero would grow with him hitting yet another homer (not to mention a single and showing some nice moves at third base), you’d probably have thought that today went pretty well, right?

Yes. Of course you would have thought that. But unfortunately, baseball teams are made up of more than two people, and the non-Guerrero members of the Dodgers lineup managed just three singles and a walk off of Brandon Morrow, Joaquin Benoit, and Craig Kimbrel, with Guerrero’s fifth-inning solo homer providing the only score.

So, you know, that’s a bummer. Sweeping the Padres would have been quite the statement. On the other hand, the Dodgers took two of three in Petco Park, and you can’t ever be disappointed by winning a series. In a similar vein, scoring only one run is a buzzkill, but remember by how much this team was the best offense in baseball (by wRC+) entering the day:

  1. Dodgers 149
  2. Royals 126
  3. Padres 124
  4. Orioles 120
  5. Tigers 118

So there’s that. Good offenses don’t hit every single day. Good teams don’t win every single day. They just have to do those things most of the time. The Dodgers do those things most of the time. You’ll all have forgotten about this by the time Game of Thrones comes on tonight, anyway. All teams must lose.

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