Dodgers 2, Rockies 1: Baseball Underwater

So… that was weird.

You could tell just how badly everyone wanted to get through five innings, in a game that¬†probably wouldn’t have been squeezed in had the forecast for the rest of this weekend in Denver not looked so awful. Groundball machine Brett Anderson got through five scoreless innings without a single strikeout, and while I know that’s information that’s completely incorrect, the one run he allowed was unearned (Alex Guerrero bobbled a ball in left) and the one strikeout he got was against the opposing pitcher, Eddie Butler, so go with it. I don’t want to know what Anderson would have looked like in front of last year’s defense.

Meanwhile, the suddenly unstoppable duo of Yasmani Grandal and Adrian Gonzalez each drove in first-inning runs to put the Dodgers up 2-1, which is what the score was when the rain really, really started coming down in the bottom of the fifth. As the umps desperately tried to get through the frame to make it official, Anderson got two quick outs before walking Charlie Blackmon, who then stole second. Corey Dickerson grounded to Justin Turner, who couldn’t quite make the play at first, but then Gonzalez whipped it to Grandal, and…


…well, you tell me. My opinion is that it was too close to call and so the call on the field wasn’t going to be overturned no matter what it was. Since the call was “out,” out stood. Inexplicably, that didn’t end the game right there, but after Butler hit Turner and then buzzed Guerrero, the umps finally decided enough was enough, even though the bases were loaded. Even though it was a win, let’s forget this one ever happened.

Of course, perhaps the bigger news is whatever’s going to come from what looks like a potential Yasiel Puig setback:

I was just thinking earlier tonight how many fans wouldn’t be happy to see Puig return and displace Andre Ethier. Depending on what comes of this, maybe that won’t be a problem for a while.

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