Cardinals 3, Dodgers 0: 3 hours of life you’re never getting back

Don Mattingly and A.J. Ellis (A.J. ELLIS!!!) got ejected from tonight’s game for arguing balls and strikes, which summarizes how erratic the zone was today. How much did it matter? Probably not much, as the Dodgers offense was limited to seven baserunners and got shutout by the trio of John Lackey, Kevin Siegrist, and Trevor Rosenthal.

Mike Bolsinger came back to reality a bit in this outing even though he limited the Cardinals to two runs over six innings. Bolsinger’s command wasn’t as sharp this time around, and he only struck out three batters and allowed 10 baserunners, but escaped with minimal damage thanks to things like getting out of a bases loaded, no outs jam in the first with only a single run allowed thanks to a double play.

The Dodgers also lost another challenge.

Nothing much else to say, really.

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