Rangers 4, Dodgers 1: Stupid Result For Stupid Series

The Dodgers arrived in Texas at like 4 AM local time after a mechanical delay with the plane, thus making this stupid series even stupider. As could sort of be expected, they laid a bit of an egg, managing only one run.

Carlos Frias had his streak of three quality starts snapped, looking mediocre over 5.1 innings. Frias struck out four but gave up four runs on five hits and three walks. Adam Liberatore allowed a single that tacked on the last two runs to Frias’ line, but him and Yimi Garcia did provide 2.2 scoreless innings otherwise.

Basically the only cool thing that happened was Yasiel Puig striking out and breaking his bat like it wasn’t a thing.

Or perhaps Alberto Callaspo having no idea how to run the bases, if that’s cool.

It certainly was funny at least.

Back to the stupid series, next the Dodgers play the Rangers tomorrow at night, fly back to Los Angeles and play the Rangers again for two more. Genius.

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