Mets 2, Dodgers 1: A Kershaw Start Ruined Again

The Mets beat the Dodgers 2-1 after scoring the winning run in the top of the ninth inning off Kenley Jansen. That’s not as noteworthy as how they did it, with an 0-2 bloop double by Lucas Duda, an 0-2 infield single/pitcher error by Wilmer Flores, and an 0-2 sac fly by Kevin Plawecki. It was maddening and unlucky on balls in play, but also noteworthy for how Jansen couldn’t strikeout any of them considering his usual prowess.


The Mets came to Dodgers Stadium with a .232/.296/.358/.654 line as a team and then had to face Clayton Kershaw. So I suppose in that regard, the Mets probably did better than expected, managing to get seven baserunners off Kershaw, scoring a run, and making him throw 102 pitches through seven innings.

Of course, don’t tell that to Michael Cuddyer, who was one of Kershaw’s seven strikeout victims.

Kershaw’s been “struggling” through three straight losses (WINSSS!!!), at least as much as a guy with a 2.55 FIP and 2.13 xFIP can be struggling, and he exited today’s game without a win again because of his continued lack of run support.

Pedro Baez pitched a scoreless inning himself, but it didn’t matter much cause the offense struggled something awful today, totaling just three hits and two walks, with the only run being scored on an Adrian Gonzalez homer.

Besides that, it was bad out there.

Fittingly then, the most rare/shocking/noteworthy thing that happened all game was that Howie Kendrick stole a base in the bottom of the sixth, which marks the first stolen base for the team since my birthday on June 7. But hey, at least maybe that would’ve led to a manufactured run or whatever. Personally, I would’ve liked for a three-run dinger instead of a steal, but that’s just me.

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