Dodgers 7, Mets 2: Justin Turner Overdrive

Well, that was fun. Unless you were Jon Niese, in which case it was decidedly not fun. Niese almost didn’t make the start due to his wife giving birth, but went nonetheless and allowed six earned runs in three innings.

All eight Dodger starters had at least one hit, and all except for Joc Pederson and Austin Barnes scored a run. Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig both homered in the same inning; Turner also doubled twice. Including tonight, allow me to present you the top five hitters in baseball (min. 250 PA), by wRC+:

1) Bryce Harper, 211
2) Miguel Cabrera, 183
3) Paul Goldschmidt, 182
4) Mike Trout, 178
5) Turner, 171

I mean… daaaaammmnnn. (For what it’s worth, No. 6 on that list? Yasmani Grandal.)

Jimmy Rollins homered as well, but the other star of the game was really Ian Thomas. I know, I know; the Mets offense isn’t exactly full of heavy hitters. But Thomas still managed to get through five innings, walking none, and not allowing a run until the fifth. Considering how much of a mess the rotation is right now, it’s exactly what the team needed. (Joel Peralta, Juan Nicasio, Pedro Baez, and Josh Ravin finished up.) Who won that trade now?

I don’t know, but the ghost of Juan Uribe never seems to stop following the Dodgers; if the reported trade sending him to New York gets finalized soon, it seems likely he’ll be in the lineup for at least one game this weekend.

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