So, What Next?

Dave Roberts has officially been named the next manager of the Dodgers, and I’m excited to see what he can do. While I said that I had wanted Bud Black, I also said that there was really no wrong answer here, and while Roberts will need to prove he can overcome his lack of experience — and quickly, given the expectations around this team — he’s a fascinating choice. (Gabe Kapler, for his part, was incredibly gracious in defeat.)

Yasiel Puig seems excited:

Justin Turner, too:

But while there’s a lot of good feelings around the new hire, it’s often seemed like the extended search and interview process has been but a prelude to what should be a very busy offseason. That is, now that that’s out of the way, there’s still a lot to get moving on.

Things like:

…and so on, on top of the question of what type of manager Roberts will be. Lots of questions. Not enough answers. With a manager in place and the winter meetings just two weeks away, we should hopefully learn a lot, soon.

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