Is Cody Bellinger the root of Dodgers clubhouse strife? My column:

Cody Bellinger is the rookie sensation of the Dodgers and is currently the MVP of arguably the best team in baseball. He’s shown versatility and athleticism while clubbing 22 homers in 55 games for a slash line of .272/.342/.665/1.007.

There is nothing that could derail his magical run … or so we thought.

Like most issues, it started innocently enough with an exchange about Jerry Seinfeld between Brandon McCarthy and Scott Van Pelt.

That thought stopped there and stewed rather ominously … until yesterday, when Bellinger was a guest on SportsCenter with SVP and revealed the terrible truth that he basically didn’t know who Seinfeld was.

It confirmed all of our worst fears.

As Cody tried to avoid being shunned, he tried to make amends.

Yet after the yesterday’s game, what should’ve been a joyous occasion of an eight-game winning streak was blunted as news of Cody’s interview spread through the ranks like toxic waste.

Cody, at this point desperate, tried to apologize.

It did not work.

It got worse as he kept digging the hole deeper.

Milkshake Duck has won again, folks.

The whole baseball world loves Cody Bellinger, an amazing baseball player that hits monster dongs!

*Five Seconds Later*

We regret to inform you that Cody Bellinger is terrible.

We forgive a lot in sports when we get excellence from our most beloved athletes, but this will be a long road back for the rookie sensation.

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