Dodgers still in on Darvish, Gray, Britton, Hand, but nothing seems imminent


Gonna be honest here and say that none of what you’re about to read is probably all that helpful, as things are basically still where they started for the Dodgers.

While the rumors all appear to agree that the Dodgers are prioritizing relief options like Zach Britton, the reports still seem to revolve mainly around Yu Darvish, and Ken Rosenthal of Facebook (?) seems to relay negative news regarding that pursuit.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, seem more focused on Orioles closer Zach Britton and represent an alternative for Gray if the Athletics fail to complete a trade with the Yankees. The Rangers accept that they cannot land right-hander Walker Buehler, the Dodgers’ top pitching prospect, in a trade for Darvish, and are not as high on some of the other Dodgers prospects who might be in play, sources said.

So basically the Rangers like Buehler, but since they won’t get him, they’ve reportedly cooled on trading Darvish to the Dodgers because they don’t like their other top prospects. Should you believe it? I don’t know, but it kinda works together with the multiple reports that the Dodgers are focusing on relief options.

Speaking of which, besides Britton, Jerry Crasnick of ESPN includes Brad Hand in the mix as well.

Crasnick also sorta summed up the trade deadline madness when talking about the price on Hand.


One problem for the Dodgers is that the trio is down to a duo now as Justin Wilson is off to the Cubs.

Oh well, I guess.

As Rosenthal mentioned, Sonny Gray is also still in play, as the Dodgers and Athletics are keeping each other as fallback options, according to Jon Paul Morosi of

Honestly, if the Rangers don’t like Alex Verdugo and Yadier Alvarez and Willie Calhoun or whoever, Gray is probably the better pitcher to trade for anyway.

Um … just get one of them is all I ask.

Good luck surviving deadline day.

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