Joe Simpson & Chip Caray get offended by Dodgers batting practice attire, get dunked on by everybody

In case you weren’t already aware, Braves color guy Joe Simpson and announcer Chip Caray used the top of the fifth inning to rant about the Dodgers attire during their batting practice. They essentially called the team embarrassing and, for whatever reason, singled out Chase Utley of all people.

People tipped me off to what they were saying on Twitter, and because sometimes I do good things, I captured it.

Actually though, this was the abridged version because they continue going on about it even after this (seriously).

As you can imagine, it went a bit viral as basically everybody was dunking on them. Current players, former players, Braves fans, Dodgers fans, baseball fans, sports fans, local media, national media … baseball was united through their sheer ridiculousness.

The highlight of this was, of course, Enrique Hernandez and Justin Turner mocking them.

Most importantly, Jason Motte pointed out that the shirt Utley was rocking was actually to benefit the fight against cancer, which makes the whining by the announcing team look somehow even worse.

Oh man.

Players checked in as well, like current Brave Brandon McCarthy and former Paul Lo Duca.

Probably not the best when a player on the team you’re announcing for is checking you in public.

Hell, Jerry Hairston took a time out from hyping Michael Jordan to address it as well.

It might be bad when your own fans are actively dunking on you.

In fact, most Braves fans I’ve seen are basically saying they hope this blows up so they can get a new announcing team. So … yeah.

Hey, even celebrities joined in, as singer Brad Paisley took the time to ask Justin Turner and Joc Pederson if they were going to dress up for batting practice now.

Meanwhile, Chip took to Twitter to respond and keep digging the hole deeper.

Imagine complaining for like three minutes on batting practice shirts and then going online to tell people to lighten up and then basically say John Rocker is chill. If there was a worse sequence, I can’t imagine it.

Dave Roberts hasn’t heard the audio yet, but he’s definitely not a fan of what he’s heard so far.

Understandable, but I wish he just didn’t give a shit, as that’s the appropriate response.

Personally, I really really really want the Dodgers to mess around during batting practice with their attire.

Unfortunately, they will apparently not being going so since it’s a day game.

Oh well, there’s always a series in the future some time.

Anyway, feel free to contribute more people dunking on them, because there are many.

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