Joc Pederson actually hit 30 homers in regulation of the 2nd round of the Home Run Derby, the conspiracy theory

As mentioned mere hours ago, Joc Pederson lost to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. after an overtime and two swing-offs by a score of 40-39 in the Home Run Derby … but what if he actually won 30-29 in regulation?

Folks, #DodgersTwitter is currently truthering the hell out of the Home Run Derby, and based on video evidence … I WANT TO BELIEVE.

While some shills for BIG BASEBALL are going around saying that the broadcast counter was simply incorrect or that the homer claimed to be number 29 by the announcer ends up falling short, we can’t believe their lies, folks.

As you can see, the ball is being tracked by the camera, but for a moment the broadcast loses the ball and that HAPPENS to be just as it lands. Then the next we see of the ball is it bouncing in front of the wall on the warning track. The shills for BIG BASEBALL are out there saying that this is because it fell short of a homer and simply landed on the warning track, but with all the fans trying to catch the ball and factoring in that it’s bouncing away from the wall, it only makes sense to conclude that it actually went over and was bouncing back into the field.


Thus, this is clearly a conspiracy against Joc by the MLB, ESPN, and dare I say … the Dodgers in order to prevent him from getting the million dollar prize and buying more of the donuts that he rightfully deserves.

Any evidence that emerges contrary to this conclusion is immediately invalid and/or doctored, as per conspiracy theory rules. Thank you all.

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