Joc Pederson puts on a show in the 2019 Home Run Derby

While the Dodgers have five All-Stars this year, Joc Pederson is not one of them. However, he is participating in festivities during the break as a part of the Home Run Derby.

And why not? After all, he has his own shirt dedicated to his power.

Sure enough, Joc did the Dodgers proud from the start, totaling the most homers in a round by a Dodger and beating Alex Bregman of the Astros by a score of 21-16 in the first round.


But by far the standout section of the entire Home Run Derby happened when Joc faced off against Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in the second round, which ended up going through one overtime period and two swing-off periods and included a ton of drama.

Unfortunately, it ended with Vlad Jr. beating Joc by a ridiculous 40-39 score.

It was probably one of the most tense battles in the history of the event.

Amazing showing.

Hell of a rooting section as well.

Joc briefly talked about his experience afterward.

Time to soak in an ice bath for a few days.


Unrelated, but the MLB released a cool commercial with Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich in the same vein of the famous Michael Jordan and Larry Bird ones for McDonalds.

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