Guess we have to talk about Trevor Bauer now

Trevor Bauer. (via)

This offseason has been pretty quiet for the Dodgers. One name we’ve avoided writing about is Trevor Bauer, but that seems like it has to change now.

Fucking sigh.

The Dodgers and the Mets are the two finalists for Bauer. The Dodgers are, reportedly, interested in a 1- or 2-year deal with a potential record-setting AAV ($36-plus million), while the Mets are in the 3-4-year range at $30 million a season. There’s no such thing as a bad 1-year deal, except in this case.

On the field, he’s fine. He has two really good seasons — including a 2020 National League Cy Young Award — mixed in with a couple decent seasons and a couple borderline mediocre seasons.

Off the field, he’s a problem. He has a long history of harassing women, which is the most troubling aspect. He’s also a climate change denier, a MAGA chud and used the an all too common defense when it comes to the Cleveland baseball organization’s mascot/team name. He’s also kinda dumb (because Twitter isn’t a news organization).

Edit: He’s also a conspiracy theorist and transphobic.

Daniel said it pretty well.

I’d like to believe the Dodgers and Andrew Friedman wouldn’t be interested in a player like this, no matter how good his numbers look and how good the potential deal might be, but he does have a history — though not recent — of acquiring players with questionable off-the-field histories like Chad Gaudin, Josh Lueke, and Josh Sale to name a few. While Bauer hasn’t ever committed domestic violence or sexual assault, his continued harassment of women online is reprehensible.


The Dodgers won the World Series in 2020. If they sign Bauer, their chances of winning again probably increase. But they’re good enough to repeat without Bauer. For the headache and heartache he would cause fans who share my (our) line of thinking, it doesn’t seem worth it. I know I said I want the Dodgers to take advantage of the free agent/trade market this winter, but I don’t want this.

I’m not telling you how to fan, I’m just giving you my opinion on the situation. And if this happens, this would suck.

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