Rockies 5, Dodgers 0: Resting their way to another blown opportunity; at least JT pitched

The Dodgers lost 4-0 to the Rockies this afternoon. Unreal.


Honestly, I can’t be fucked to write a real recap, but basically Mitch White did this…

…and the offense didn’t do shit cause Dave Roberts ran out the reserve lineup…

…and predictably this led to disaster when it mattered in the game…

…and even in the game the moves didn’t make any sense…

…but at least Cody Bellinger did this, I guess.

Things got even weirder at the end as well. I dunno, man.

It sucked.

Well, Justin Turner pitched at least.


82-49 on the year, still 2.5 back of the Giants in the NL West.

The Dodgers welcome the Braves to Los Angeles tomorrow at 4:10 PM HT/7:10 PM PT/10:10 PM ET with Julio Urias facing Drew Smyly. Hopefully they sweep cause that has to be what all this fuckery in the Rockies series was for.

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