Dodgers 6, D-backs 5: Sleepwalking their way to a 5-run rally and a comeback win

The Dodgers didn’t play this game at full strength due to resting some guys and then removing some guys during the game against the Diamondbacks, and they also played sloppy-ass defense that was brutal to watch at times.

About right.

Quite frankly, they looked dead in the water for this game, blowing chances at the plate and looking lethargic for the most part, seemingly content to just get to the next one.

Despite this, they still figured out a way to win. Down 5-1 in the 8th, they rallied for five runs behind … Austin Barnes? Yes, he smashed a homer to stay hot and kickstarted the comeback.

Fortunately, the Diamondbacks defense was worse than theirs.

Despite a mediocre-looking line, starter Michael Grove actually looked quite good, missing bats and really being screwed by his defense.

Hey, uh, the wins record is still within reach.

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