2023 Dodgers Trade Deadline Roundup: Evaluations & grades for Enrique, Rosario, Lynn, Kelly, Yarbrough + overall deadline impact

Admittedly, I expected to have a lot more to put here, but the four trades or so that did happen will have to suffice. You’ve already read our reactions to the trades over the past few days, so here’s the others.


Enrique Hernandez Trade

FanGraphs: They point out that Enrique Hernandez gives the Dodgers and Dave Roberts roster versatility and clubhouse vibes, while saying Nick Robertson should be an up/down reliever and Justin Hagenman is a fringe 40-man guy.

Baseball Prospectus: They conclude he’s a roster upgrade over what they had, and describe the two prospects as depth relievers.

The Athletic: Dodgers get a C, B-, and B- from the jury. The lowest grades lament potential opportunity cost with other outfield options, and the others pointing out that the return is minimal anyway.

CBS Sports: C grade, again citing opportunity cost, but also saying the relievers are just depth.

ESPN: Another C for increasing lineup flexibility, but basically also points out that he was terrible with the Red Sox.


Amed Rosario Trade

FanGraphs: They highlight Amed Rosario‘s utility to the Dodgers as a shortstop and lefty killer despite his warts, while also saying how bad Noah Syndergaard has been.

Baseball Prospectus: They point out that Rosario is a roster upgrade over what they had, and describe Syndergaard as somebody who wouldn’t have pitched for the Dodgers again.

The Athletic: Dodgers get a pair of B grades, mostly saying they improve a bit and gave up nothing.

CBS Sports: B+ for the upgrade and fit, giving up nothing.

ESPN: B- due to his bat is getting back on track, but having concerns about his defense.


Lance Lynn & Joe Kelly Trade

FanGraphs: They say that Lance Lynn should be better, yet he hasn’t been so far and has continued to give up homers, but Dodgers could get the most out of him. He’s a serviceable rotation option, while Joe Kelly should be Kelly in relief. They believe Nick Nastrini could be a future reliever, but he’s also compared to Astros starter Hunter Brown. Jordan Leasure is already a reliever and they say he has great potential there, while Trayce Thompson is basically an afterthought.

Baseball Prospectus: They conclude that Lynn is not great but he is what the Dodgers need right now, and the same applies to Kelly. It’s explained that Nastrini has reliever and durability risk, while Leasure is maybe a good reliever. Trayce exists, I guess.

The Athletic: B, B, B- grades from the jury for raising the floor of the rotation and pen, even if the return was relevant.

CBS Sports: An A here, as expectations are that Lynn finishes strong and Kelly is a real upgrade, while they won’t miss the prospects they dealt away.

ESPN: C+ for acquiring pitchers with strikeout stuff they can work with and whose underlying numbers are better. They mention Nastrini as a prospect with a lot of potential, Leasure having great numbers, and Trayce as a “throw-in”. Poor dude.


Ryan Yarbrough Trade

FanGraphs: Ryan Yarbrough is described as somebody who might be able to survive as a crafty lefty, which always gives me a lot of confidence. Meanwhile, Devin Mann should be a guy the Royals try soon, while Derlin Figueroa is just a prospect to monitor.

Baseball Prospectus: They describe Yarbrough as a potential upgrade and praise his versatility. They believe Mann should be a major leaguer, while Figueroa isn’t much noteworthy.

The Athletic: B grade since Yarbrough can fill multiple roles and has a year more of control, with the prospects being described as fringe.

CBS Sports: No grade, but named as an under-the-radar acquisition that thrives off weak contact.



The Athletic: Grade of C for the overall deadline due to not moving the needle and making lesser deals.

CBS Sports: B grade for making solid moves, but say it felt like they were short a big move.

ESPN: Named as a trade deadline winner seemingly solely because the Dodgers could make all the crappy vets they acquired better, which … fair enough, I guess.

FanGraphs: According to ZiPS, the Dodgers improved their chances of making the playoffs by 1.8%, winning the division by 1.4%, but saw their chances of winning the World Series reduced by 0.1%. Guess that’s what happens when a bunch of other contenders made more consequential moves.

FanGraphs: In terms of the best prospects dealt at the deadline, Nastrini checked in at #8, Leasure was at #20, Robertson at #38, Mann at #41, Hagenman at #46, Figueroa at #51, and Eddys Leonard at #55.

CBS Sports: In that same vein, Nastrini was ranked #9 here.


If one ignores the drama of the Los Angeles Times, basically just a lot of meh reactions to go around. People think the Dodgers improved a bit, but probably not meaningfully, which sounds about right. Just have to hope for improvement down the stretch, and the talent is certainly there to do so.

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