Dodgers Rumors: A cold stove update with Dylan Cease, Lucas Giolito, Teoscar Hernandez, Yariel Rodriguez + an Aaron Nola offer

Even though things have been painfully slow in the past couple weeks, let’s take a look at the rumors involving the Dodgers so far because people are asking if the site is dead just because I wanted to take some time to chill during Thanksgiving weekend and a general down period.


What people are really waiting for are credible rumors about players like Shohei Ohtani or Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Well, what we’ve realistically got so far is reporters reaching to put out a story by citing common sense stuff like “most of the teams are interested” or whatever.

So yeah, that’s about where their markets are at so far.


As far as other players go, the Dodgers have interest in Teoscar Hernandez

…are candidates to sign Cuban free agent pitcher Yariel Rodriguez

…are discussing a trade for Dylan Cease with the White Sox

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in trade talks with the Chicago White Sox in an attempt to acquire ace Dylan Cease.

…and are having conversations with Lucas Giolito.

“Another pitcher the Dodgers are looking at is another former White Sox and Harvard-Westlake alum, Lucas Giolito. The Dodgers believe they have the game plan and the pitching coaches, namely Connor McGuiness and Mark Prior, to get Giolito’s career back on track. And he has seen the success stories the Dodgers have had.
And he’s a guy, from what I understand, follows a game plan perfectly. If you have a bad game plan, he’ll execute it, but it won’t go well. The Dodgers are known for their game planning, they know how to get guys back on track, there are certain types of pitchers they believe they can help, and Lucas Giolito is in that category.
So there are signs pointing to the Dodgers and Giolito’s conversations going on now turning into a signing. When that happens, I don’t know, but I can tell you they are having serious discussions. If the Dodgers do sign Giolito, he would be a four or five starter and be able to execute their game plan.”

That is, uh, about it for the last two weeks. Like I said, nothing meaty, but … stuff to talk about, I guess.

Obviously a Cease trade would make sense for the right price as the Dodgers are rather desperate for arms and he’s the kind of guy who could front a rotation, but Hernandez would be a surprise just because they’ve been able to replicate production like his with shorter deals and he’s rumored to be seeking multiple years. Rodriguez and Giolito also make sense just because they are pitchers and alive.


Speaking of needing arms, the Dodgers reportedly offered Aaron Nola a $165 million deal before he re-signed with the Phillies.

The deep-pocketed — and pitching-starving — Dodgers put a finger on the scale at $165 million, according to a source.

Well, that’s a legit offer if they made it, and it’s at least encouraging that they seem to know they have to be aggressive to land one of the big fish pitchers in free agency.




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