Cubs 8, Dodgers 1: Playing it out cause there’s no viable makeup date went about as expected

The Dodgers have lost their first series of the season in a rain-soaked game that I made a big mistake in waking up for.

They lost to the Cubs, 8-1, which included a wonderful three-hour delay in the middle of it.



Honestly, I’m not going to bother with a normal recap of a game that was objectively a mess. There was no date this game could realistically be made up, so they initially tried to force it through comical conditions and they got exactly what you’d expect out of that.

Hard to read too much into anything that happened today, but the Dodgers played shitty enough on defense early on to deserve to have lost anyway. Still, it was an annoying game.

Important thing is there were luckily no injuries and the pen wasn’t completely trashed.


8-4 now.

The Dodgers will now travel to Minnesota for a series against the Twins that’ll start at 1:40 PM HT/4:40 PM PT/7:40 PM ET. It’ll be James Paxton looking to find better command but similarly good results against Gus Varland‘s brother Louie Varland.

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