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Reds 4, Dodgers 1: A Whole Lot of Fail

Zack Greinke‘s first three hitters today: — Skip Schumaker single — Todd Frazier homer — Joey Votto double Zack Greinke‘s next 19¬†hitters: one hit, one walk. Taken as a whole, it was a perfectly fine day for Greinke, who overcame his tough start to mow through the Reds offense. Unfortunately, baseball is a team game,…


Dodgers @ Reds June 12, 2014: Battles Within The Game

In the bottom of the third inning of last night’s game, Hyun-jin Ryu walked Billy Hamilton. Hamilton has largely been a disappointment on offense this season (he has a .290 OBP), but he’s still second in the majors in stolen bases. This walk was particularly notable¬†because of the pitcher. Ryu has been absolutely exceptional at…