Dodgers sign 10 picks from 2014 draft, including Verdugo, Richy, Walker, De Jong, Kowalczyk


The Dodgers have signed 10 of their 40 picks from the 2014 draft, with six of those being selected within the top 10 rounds and thus counting against the bonus pool of $4,947,700. The team inked second-round pick Alex Verdugo, third-round pick John Richy, fifth-round pick Jared Walker, sixth-round pick Brock Stewart, ninth-round pick Matt Campbell, 10th round pick Colin Hering, 15th round pick Joe Broussard, 16th round pick Devan Ahart, 32nd round pick Scott De Jong, and 37th round pick Karch Kowalczyk.


Dodgers 2014 MLB Draft Picks

Dodgers select RHP Grant Holmes at No. 22 in the 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers select OF Alex Verdugo in the 2nd round of the 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers take John Richy, Jeff Brigham, Jared Walker in rounds 3-5 of 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers take Stewart, Oaks, Redman, Campbell, Hering in rounds 6-10 of 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers picks Vanegas, Freeman, Allen highlight rounds 11-25 of the 2014 MLB Draft
Dodgers picks Sylvester, Bain, Moore highlight rounds 26-40 of the 2014 MLB Draft


Draft Bonus Pool Reminder

All money paid to picks in the first 10 rounds count toward the bonus pool of $4,947,700. Players selected from rounds 11-40 can be paid up to $100,000 without affecting the bonus pool, but whatever amount given over $100,000 counts against the bonus pool.

So what’s the penalty for going over?

Up to 4.999% over ($5,195,084) the team pays a 75% tax on the amount over. Up to 9.999% over ($5,442,469) the team pays the 75% tax on the amount over and loses next year’s first-round pick. Up to 14.999% over ($5,689,854) the team pays a 100% tax on the amount over and loses next year’s first-round and second-round picks. From 15% ($5,689,855) and up the team pays the 100% tax on the amount over and loses the first-round pick for the next two years.

So basically the Dodgers can use up to $5,195,084 on this year’s bonus pool draft picks without losing anything significant aside from money.


Round Player Slot Bonus Difference
1 Grant Holmes $1,980,500 Not Signed N/A
2 Alex Verdugo $914,600 $914,600 $0
3 John Richy $534,400 $534,400 $0
4 Jeff Brigham $396,300 Not Signed N/A
5 Jared Walker $296,700 $296,700 $0
6 Brock Stewart $222,200 Signed Unknown
7 Trevor Oaks $166,600 Not Signed N/A
8 Hunter Redman $154,500 Not Signed N/A
9 Matt Campbell $144,300 Signed Unknown
10 Colin Hering $137,600 Signed Unknown
Total 2014 Draft $4,947,700 $1,745,700 $0


Round Player Slot Bonus Difference
11 A.J. Vanegas $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
12 Kameron Uter $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
13 Ryan Taylor $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
14 Kelvin Ramos $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
15 Joe Broussard $100,000 Limit Signed Unknown
16 Devan Ahart $100,000 Limit Signed Unknown
17 Tyler Wampler $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
18 Clint Freeman $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
19 Gary Cornish $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
20 Brian Wolfe $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
21 Ivan Vela $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
22 Bubby Rossman $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
23 Andrew Godbold $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
24 Jimmy Allen $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
25 Matt Jones $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
26 Deion Ulmer $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
27 Harlan Richter $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
28 Bill Bereszniewicz $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
29 Christian Trent $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
30 Brant Whiting $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
31 Derrick Sylvester $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
32 Scott De Jong $100,000 Limit Signed Unknown
33 Carson Baranik $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
34 Hunter Bross $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
35 Tanner Chauncey $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
36 Kyle Kocher $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
37 Karch Kowalczyk $100,000 Limit Signed Unknown
38 Caleb Ferguson $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
39 Jeff Bain $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
40 Sam Moore $100,000 Limit Not Signed N/A
Total 2014 Draft 0 Over Limit Unknown Unknown

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