Angels 5, Dodgers 0: Well at least Carlos Frias looked good

Carlos Frias made an impressive debut in relief of Zack Greinke, striking out two while working a pair of scoreless innings, allowing only a Albert Pujols single. Frias sat 94-96 mph with his fastball and looked like a quality reliever is supposed to.

And that was about it for the Dodgers highlights.

The ‘The The Angels Angels‘ leaped out to a 4-0 lead in the first inning against Greinke and basically never looked back. The final score was 5-0, but it was basically over from the first inning since Garrett Richards dominated the Dodgers for his first career shutout.

Greinke allowed five runs on six hits in seven frames, but two of those runs were unearned due to a pair of Hanley Ramirez errors that didn’t help Greinke’s case or the case that Hanley can still play shortstop.

And that’s it.

No seriously, there’s nothing else to recap, the Dodgers got shit on.


-Everybody was talking about Joc Pederson playing center, but Yasiel Puig looks solid-average there (despite today’s mental boner) and Matt Kemp looks comfortable in right. Really he should probably platoon in left with Scott Van Slyke.

-The only other thing was Albert Pujols and Mike Trout mocking Puig after Pujols tagged up from first to take second. Earlier in the game, Puig did the Mutombo finger to Erick Aybar when he almost caught him off first, and Aybar waved it back. So really, Puig deserved to get clowned on a bit. Then on a second fly ball on the next batter, Puig caught it and told Pujols to try to take third. Cool.

Basically, fans were mad, but the players involved looked like they were just clowning and giving each other shit, so what’s the big deal? For all his cockiness and showboating, Puig has never seemed to react to people letting him know they got the best of him (Jose Fernandez/Joba Chamberlain), so why get mad for him? Nobody’s screaming or acting like they want to fight (Diamondbacks), it’s just entertaining.

So relax. The thing about having Puig is that he’s good at baseball and there’s more chances to clown on others than vice versa. Also, it’s not nice to hate on a guy who has feet like a 90-year-old, you know?

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