Mets 11, Dodgers 3: Future Dodger Bartolo Colon Beats Future Ex-Dodger Kevin Correia

Miguel Rojas ended up playing left field in this game, in case you were wondering if you missed anything.

Today is Kevin Correia‘s 34th birthday, so I feel bad bagging on him, I guess, but then, I think we knew when the Dodgers acquired him that he was joining the rotation more out of injury-fueled desperation than out of any actual qualifications on his part. He may have unfairly raised expectations by actually looking good in his first start in Atlanta, but then he gave up four runs to San Diego, and then there was today: home run, Travis d’Arnaud. Home run, Lucas Duda, his first of two on the day. Home run, Ruben Tejada. To be fair, that last home run might not have happened (and the runs were unearned) had an error not extended the inning, but Correia managed to make it only three innings and seven runs before getting bounced.

It was the fifth time this year a Dodger starter lasted three innings or fewer, but also the second in a week. Correia was replaced by Carlos Frias, who actually looked quite good for three innings before allowing further damage in his fourth frame. I imagine that we’ll start hearing some folks call for Frias to replace Correia the next time around the rotation, but I’m not sure I see Frias giving any real length; besides, with days off coming up, the team may be able to get to Hyun-jin Ryu‘s return before needing to use Correia’s spot again anyway.

With all that going on, the fact that the Dodger offense… wait, hang on, MAXIMUM PUIG, but in the wrong way. Down 7-1 against Bartolo Colon in the sixth, the first three Dodgers reached, with Adrian Gonzalez‘ single plating Dee Gordon. Matt Kemp stepped up and grounded into a 5-4-3 double play, except that Yasiel Puig, who had been on second, thought it would be fun to blow through a stop sign and try to score on the back end, and … oh.

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It’s the first time the Dodgers have hit into two triple plays in a season since Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella did it in 1955, so, at least they’ve got that going for them. Also, the Giants got smashed in Washington this afternoon, so the Dodgers hang on to a 4.5 game lead headed into tomorrow’s day off.

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