Your ‘Dodgers win Game 2 of the NLDS’ GIF post

I wish I could do one of these after every game, but it’s hard to celebrate a loss, especially one like Game 1. Fortunately, Matt Kemp saved everybody’s bacon in Game 2, and we can have fun on the off day.


Before we get to Kemp, let’s go with the other star of the game, Zack Greinke.

Yeah, he was on. But he also was ordering the coaches around…


…then pulled off a successful slash bunt.

Greinke got out of a jam in the sixth, one that he would admit after the game tired him out…

…and showed he might be an actual human.

Now let’s get to Matt Kemp, because Matt Kemp is awesome.

Does the Carlton Fisk thing.


J.P. Howell, thoughts?


Kenley Jansen thankfully ends it in rather dominating fashion.

Thankfully, because had he blown it, we would literally never hear the end of it.

In celebration, Andre Ethier hides like a ninja for the cup check on Kemp.

Finally, Kemp gets a bath … twice.

Ken Rosenthal must be thrilled.

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