Dodgers 3, Padres 7: A Mess Of A Game

Tonight’s Dodgers game started off with a rain delay that pushed the start time back 20 minutes at first and then half an hour, which we knew about because everybody let us know about it.


Once underway, the Dodgers were apparently still napping or something, as one non-error error by Carl Crawford that turned a Justin Upton single into an RBI triple set the tone for the day.


The Dodgers were generally shutdown by Tyson Ross, but fought back in the sixth out of nowhere, taking the lead with back-to-back doubles by Yasiel Puig and Adrian Gonzalez, and then a groundball single by Howie Kendrick.

Unfortunately, Don Mattingly used three pitchers over a five batter stretch the next inning for whatever reason, even though the Dodgers don’t even have a true matchup lefty anyway, and that series of events ended with a Rollins boner to tie the game.

In the next frame, and on the fourth relief pitcher, J.P. Howell gave up a two-out single to Yonder Alonso, which drove in the go-ahead run.

Luckily, A-God was around to bail the team out.

That joy didn’t last long, as Chris Hatcher started the ninth by allowing a single, before Yasmani Grandal overran a bunt and then threw into the runner, who may or may not have been inside the line. Nevertheless, that setup Wil Myers to drive in the winning run, and the Padres tacked on three more before Craig Kimbrel arrived to do what he does.


-The Dodgers had three errors on the evening, two from Rollins and one from Grandal. However, that doesn’t count the TOOTBLAN from Rollins trying to stretch a double into a triple, and one from Kendrick where he tried to steal third and was out by a mile.

Zack Greinke pitched six solid innings of two-hit ball, allowing one run on that Crawford boner, walking one, and striking out four. He was driven out of the game by a high pitch count, as Padres hitters worked the count and fouled ball after ball off.

-Despite Greinke covering six innings, the Dodgers used every reliever in the pen except Joel Peralta, which is amazing.

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