Hyun Jin Ryu takes the lead in the NL MVP race with his NH Card rap

There’s always a lot of talk about what makes a pitcher valuable, and there’s a lot of statistics to use. While ERA and FIP and SIERA and WAR and VORP are cute, there’s an important one that stat nerds will just never understand: VORPE.

Value Over Replacement Product Endorser has proven invaluable to both the Dodgers and me personally, as I derive immeasurable amounts of joy from watching Hyun Jin Ryu eat ramen with fake teammates or eating with extreme closeups of his face, and now we have been blessed with Hyun Jin Ryu rapping.

Even while on the DL, he can contribute wins of a different variety.


Never forget the day, for we have now all seen the light.

Macklemore didn’t rob Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore robbed Hyun Jin Ryu.

It was written.

Who are the five greatest rappers of all time?






Because he spits hot fire.


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