Giants 4, Dodgers 0: Everything is terrible

The Dodgers lost tonight primarily because they totaled three hits and two walks in seven innings off Tim Lincecum, and managed just seven baserunners all game, which only continues their struggles against any pitcher who has a pulse to the tune of two runs in the last four games. Also being like 1-for-500 with RISP when playing the Giants doesn’t help matters.

Brett Anderson pitched a lot better than his ending line of 6.1 innings, six hits, three runs, three walks, and seven strikeouts. That’s mainly because two of those runs came home in the seventh after he was allowed to stay in the game even as he approached 100 pitches. Still, in his last four starts, he’s given up just five runs in 22 innings while walking five and striking out 20.

Unfortunately, there was basically everything else about the game. And you know it was bad because Alex Guerrero pretending he caught this ball was probably the best Dodgers moment.

I guess the plus side is that this will be the first series the Dodgers have lost this month. Then again, going 11-7 for the month and splitting series with the Brewers and Rockies isn’t exactly a wonderful showing either.

Oh yeah, the other positive was that the Dodgers won a challenge in the bottom of the first, making the team a robust 3-for-11 in challenges this year. Hooray?

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