Astros 3, Dodgers 1: They Got A Small-Ball Run, Which Is What Counts!

The Dodgers fell to the Astros, 3-1, marking their second four-game losing streak of the season and making for a generally depressing showing at this time of year.

Zack Greinke went seven quality innings and threw 93 pitches, but an error and two homers sunk his day. Greinke only surrendered three hits and walked none, but every single baserunner counted. Jose Altuve‘s triple was cashed in on a Justin Turner error, and the only other two hits were solo homers, providing the three runs the Astros needed.

The offense seemed on their way to being shutout again, but they finally rallied in the sixth after a lead-off double from Jimmy Rollins set the table. Yasiel Puig fisted one to the right side to move him over with an out, probably sending Kevin Kennedy and Rick Monday into ecstasy, and Turner promptly banged a pitch into center to score a run.

Twice as many baserunners didn’t seem to matter much, and basically the only consolation is that the Giants also lost. Yay? Personally, I don’t care much about that, as I’d prefer for the Dodgers to play well instead.

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