Giants 3, Dodgers 2: Most frustrating game in a while

I wanted to use the blank picture tonight as a shitpost that represented the offensive performance of the Dodgers, but really that’s not true, because being no-hit would’ve been less frustrating than watching them go 5-for-28 with runners on, 2-for-10 with RISP, and stranding 14. Especially considering that the two hits they did have with RISP came during innings where: 1) the bases were loaded with nobody out and Freddie Freeman and Trea Turner made three outs to murder a rally 2) the bases were loaded with one out and Gavin Lux and Mookie Betts had back-to-back strikeouts against a pitcher who literally couldn’t throw a strike with his fastball.

Amazingly they still probably should’ve been tied since the umpires gave a Giants runner home after a batter swung at a ball that hit him (that’s a dead ball), which ended up being scored as a wild pitch, but whatever.

Everything about this game just seemed designed to frustrate and it just sucked.

Avoid the sweep, lol.

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